Monthly Film Nite

Join us for our monthly independent film screening series, highlighting independent filmmakers from our annual catalog and the local community. $5 admission, content not rated by MPAA. Learn more at our Facebook Page.


“Hurricane Six” Premiere

Produced by the Saltare in Elementis Dance Collective. Through narrative dance, Hurricane Six tells the story of the 1933 storm and it’s impact on Ocean City History. 10 minutes.

Film will be followed by an exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary about the production, approximately 10 minutes.

Screening will include a panel with Saltare in Elementis founders and collaborators.


Bucket Hat!

Brothers Tot and Meech try desperately to convince their jokester Papou (Greek for Grandfather) to buy them ice cream while on a trip to the beach. But they have to act fast, because the Ice Cream Man could leave any minute! Influenced by the TV shows of Cartoon Network in the 1990’s, Bucket Hat is a delightfully silly and sweet animated film that balances slice-of-life realism with cartoony slapstick. Brimming with both emotional sincerity and full-throated goofiness, Bucket Hat is unafraid to have its ice cream and eat it too! 3 minutes.

Beaver Boys

The Beaver Boys follows the journey of two quirky characters as they attempt to save the planet from plastic pollution and are determined to protect Mother Nature. Kow, played by actor Jeffrey Ho, is feisty, outspoken and ambitious in his mission. Situated at the fictional Balls Lake, Kow first meets Desiderio, played by actor Michael Perez. Battling with feelings of worthlessness, Desiderio attempts to drown himself but is guided by Kow to instead take-up arms against plastic and to save the planet. While offering a positive message, the comedic juxtaposition of these two endearing characters and their developing friendship will draw you into their offbeat little world. 19 minutes.

Apothecaries of Time

Directed by B.L. Strang-Moya. A memoir about strange men with strange theories in Maryland coastal towns. 5 minutes.

The Long Shore

Directed by Tyler Ford. A portrait of the Chesapeake, from its beginnings during the nation’s settlement era to its evolution into a center of maritime life. Exploring the challenges faced by generations of watermen and how the Maritime Museum is both preserving and celebrating this piece of American culture and way of life. 14 minutes.


July marks the start of the 2022 Ocean City Film Challenge. At this event, OCFF organizers will announce the criteria for the 2022 Ocean City Film Challenge. This challenge is a contest for anyone to make a short film in or about Ocean City for a chance to win swag, festival admission, a hotel stay, bragging rights, and immortalization in the OCFF catalog! Registration instructions and requirements TBA.

The 2020 Ocean City Film Challenge. 45 minutes approx.

“Escape 2020” by Derek Silver. Stricken by anxiety, depression, and paranoia a couple attempts to escape 2020, if only momentarily by taking a day trip to the beach.

“I Surf the Body Electric.” By Gregg Rosner. If poet Walt Whitman were alive today, loved the ocean as a body surfer, listened to punk rock music, and kept a video notebook of his untethered life.

“Regeneration” by Chelsea Thaler. An experimental tribute to Ingmar Bergman.

“The Misadventures of Local Man” by DAM Productions. A local worker, laid off due to the growing Corona Virus crisis, finds himself thrust into the role of vigilante. Local Man dons his suit by night and vows to protect his hometown from misdemeanor offenses.

“Sea Sick” by Brandon Danganan. Each summer I spent my days working in Ocean City helping the community thrive for the tourist season. While Ocean City is a great place to bring the family and have some fun, unfortunately, people come down to beach and leave more than just their footprint in the sand. And sometimes, it’s not just the visitors but also the people that call Ocean City home that flurry it with trash. Seeing the beauty of Ocean City covered with bits of trash is part of what inspired me to create this short film to raise environmental awareness around trash pollution.

“Melvin’s Curse” by Davis Mears. Two guys get cursed by Melvin, a merman (mermaid but a guy) who is tired of the lack of respect he gets on a daily basis.

“They Breed Us to Feed” by B.L. Strang-Moya. At the drive-in, a young man ponders his existential fears surrounding life in a resort town.

The 2021 Ocean City Film Challenge. 30 minutes approx.

“Oh Sin City” by Shannon Wilson. An Ocean City code enforcement officer shares the dark underbelly of his trade secrets.

“Besties” by Joe Weiner. Aspiring filmmakers struggle to agree on an appropriate title for their Ocean City-themed film.

“Prizehunter” by Davis Mears. A local P.I. pursues a boardwalk psychopath.

“Apothecaries of Time” by B.L. Strang-Moya. Director B.L. recounts strange encounters with tourists.